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Roger Heath


Immediate Past President

Robert Zeigler


Vice President

Charles LaBlonde


Secretary and Librarian

Richard T. Hall



Bruce Marsden


Regional Trustee West

Dana Nielsen


Regional Trustee Central

Michael Peter


Regional Trustee East

Gerry Diamond


TELL Editor

George Struble


Circuit Sales Manager

Emil Tobler


Auction Manager

Gerry Diamond


Publicity Chairman
Awards Chairman

Harlan F. Stone


Slide Show Chairman

Dana Nielsen


Representative, Union of Swiss Philatelic Societies

Michael Peter


Representative, American Philatelic Society

Ernest L. Bergman


Liechtenstein Study Group

Paul Tremaine



Bruce Marsden


Membership and Annual Dues

AHPS annual dues are $23 in the U.S., $25 in Canada and Mexico, or $30 overseas. Membership information is available from the secretary, Richard T. Hall, P.O. Box 15053, Asheville, NC 28813-0053 or by e-mail at secretary2@swiss-stamps.org.

Click here to download a .pdf membership application form that can be printed and mailed; we welcome new members!

AHPS members have said, in a past survey, that they collect Swiss stamps for one of four reasons: family ties to Switzerland, the experience of living or visiting there, the fine design and printing quality of Swiss stamps, or the country's solid reputation for a conservative stamp-issuing policy and hard currency.

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Ask an Expert

Click here to email an inquiry -- anything about Swiss philately! -- to one of our knowledgeable members.  Of course he may forward your query to another member who may be better equipped to answer.  Please note that this is not an expertising service giving certified expert opinions; this is just one collector doing his best to answer a question from another!  You don't have to be an AHPS member to send an inquiry.